I want to take the time to thank all of our wonderful staff both behind the scenes (Scarsz) and on the frontlines (everyone else) who keep the server operations going 24/7 and doing their best to wow our players on a daily basis. I couldn't be more happy with the staff team we have, because it is a strategically knitted quilt of skilled people in diverse areas that make our server successful. This doesn't just go for senior staff. Even our newest additions to our staff team (cough cough Kaskqde), are just as important to have that warm, welcoming peer new players can lean on for support during their first hours online, and ensuring our players’ success in every area. Staff, continue what you are doing, be you, your passion and dedication is seen and much appreciated, I will get to that in at the end.

The real reason for this thread is to announce a few promotions by players who have contributed above and beyond what was expected.


Your well-rounded knowledge of all NarcoWars aspects has made you a role model to not only new players, but even our more experienced "no-lifers" as well (we love you no-lifers). When someone asks you a question, I am confident you will not provide the wrong answer. Most you could answer in your sleep, but at worst, I know you will get the answer from someone who knows,instead of guessing or making something up which confuses players and makes staff look inexperienced and unorganized. Even myself am not allknowing of every aspect of the server. It is good to know our players can be in good hands when I'm not around. 

You have shown impressive discipline playing the game while refraining from taking advantage of the magical powers that a few strokes of the keyboard can do. Many have failed that test of character, so for that, I applaud your continued gameplay above and beyond your staff responsibilities. In one word, I would label this as maturity. There is no surprise why you are well regarded in the community as you have never slipped a lick of negative energy to any players or staff. 

There is no doubt have proven your above-average engineering knowledge including both infrastructure and plugin configuration abilities, especially in the realm of Skript, Libraries, Citizens, Permissions, WorldGuard, Essentials, Custom Craftable Items (like the Creeper Egg), and most of all, Custom Mobs, as seen with the Snowmen at the Holiday Spawn and the Guards, Guard Dogs, and Prisoner mobs at the Alcatraz Build. When I have a suspicion of a hacker, the first person's shoulder I tap is yours, as you are admittedly more knowledgeable in diagnosing those scenarios. Your unique skills compliment the server with a touch of flavor to be the icing on the cake. Your ideas for server improvements are consistently realistic and achievable, and considerate of the economy and player experience. Your constant activity on Discord, engagement on our Github managing player issues, and contributions to applications show me you are undoubtably wise, reliable, level-headed, and intelligent.  

I'd be lying if I said I haven't learned a ffew things from you. With this, I am proud to promote you to an Administrator position on NarcoWars. 


Crimed, Crimed, Crimed.

From day 1 you were like a bat out of hell… recklessly driving 80 in a 55. You metaphorically ran over a dog or two, but after a quick spanking, you learned to not speed. You quickly outgrew your initial role to help as a Designer, where you built an incredible custom Resource Pack with drugs and 3D Guns that now today, has been downloaded and enjoyed by hundreds of players in just the past couple weeks. Your next challenge was Gun Configurations, and trust me – not many people understand how intricate that task can be – but I do. Your ability to configure the guns within 24 hours of being assigned the task showed me you had the technical competency to take on a more senior role.

After your successful implementation of the resource pack and the guns, you showcased your gamemaker creativity by designing and fully configuring every aspect of our custom crates. Fated and I were pulling out our hair trying to think of ideas for crates. It is times like these that make me thankful for having such a diverse staff – even those in the same roles having different skills and passions. You were shockingly able to pick up the crates and run with them, full speed, and make fair yet OP crates that the community raves about.  

You showcased your building skills initially at our old spawn, by building a very detailed park (still accessible at /warp staff), but more importantly with your leadership in the quick transformation of our spawn world into a holiday spawn world. What really surprised me, positively, was you had taken the initiative, without being asked, to create a Holiday Event Graphic embedded in a News Post offering players incentives to play NarcoWars during the holiday season. Within a day, that campaign was live and the incentive Christmas Crate was routinely being used. It’s the initiative, commitment, and creativity that tells me you are ready for a promotion to be Administrator of NarcoWars.. My only words of Wisdom to live by with this promotion is to always be checking your mirrors and your speedometer.

I am confident Crimed and Fated’s strengths compliment each other well, and the server wouldn’t be as successful without either one of you. I am looking forward to having you two as our first true Admins. Congratulations to you both, well deserved.


I also wanted to include one last promotion. This player built the most impressive arena I have ever seen in just his first 24 hours of his Trial Build. I even setup a warp to show off the build quality even though KOTH isn’t done being setup. He was quick to understand the build style and applied this to even his first build, which highlights his attention to detail and flexibility with build styles.  What I found most pleasing was my ability to leave him with Trial Builders and him provide true mentorship and advice to them from start to finish, which is typically something only a Senior Builder would do. His feedback and criticisms about the trial builders were unbiased, and I felt confident I could leave him as the staff member assigned to oversee trial builds. In parallel, I asked this player to build an Alcatraz Prison, where the players would have to journey through to sell drugs at a premium. After seeing the completed build, no other word than “perfect” would describe how it was so thoughtfully designed. It exceeded our staff expectations tremendously, and yet again, as a 1 main team you were able to turn around another high quality build extremely quickly. For this, I am very happy to announce that thepenmen22 is being promoted from Builder to Senior Builder. Congratulations!

To all staff, I am spreading some Holiday cheer for my thanks for your continued service:

JrMods, JrCM: 50 Donor Points ($5 worth!)

SrMod, Admins, Community Manager, SeniorBuilders: 100 Donor Points ($10 worth!)

Thank you so much for your help making NarcoWars a player favorite. 

Congratulations again to those promoted today, and Happy Holidays! Lets make good use of this awesome Holiday Spawn!

// Artfcl_Intlgnce
Owner, NarcoWars

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