NarcoWars 2.0!!

By Zack0101 - Posted May 18, 18


      My name is Zack0101 and I am the new Head-Administrator here on NarcoWars and I would just like to welcome you to our new and improved version of NarcoWars!! This version of NarcoWars was released in beta on May 1st, 2018 and since then we have had so many new and great players join us on our network! I have been around NarcoWars for about 6 months and over the past 2 months we have gone through some restructuring that you guys should know about...

     First off, we have a new staff system!! Our Owner Artfcl_Intlgnce has put together an ensamble cast to help him run thiis server to be the best of its potential. This Staff Sytstem includes 5 Staff Ranks; Head-Admin, Admin, Mod, Helper, and Trainee. There is only one Head-Administrator right now, myself, who is in charge of running all aspects of the server underneath the supervision and guidance of the Owner. I have been the Head-Admin of NarcoWars for about 4 months now and I have taken the time to arrange the ranks under me in a very organized fashion. First off, we have our Administrators who are in charge of running everything in their department of the Network. We have 5 Admin positions -- 2 of which are filled-- which leaves one Admin for each department. You might be asking yourself, "What is a department?" Well, let me clear that up for you! A department is a section of the network that we put a staff team in charge of. We currently have 5 departments; Future Development and Management, Community Relations, Player Support, Building Operations, and Staff Coordination. Currently, we have 2 AdministratorsKaskqde who is our Player Support Admin, and Crimed who is our Admin of Future Development and Management. To find a more in-depth description of each department go click on our staff page in the menu bar at the top of your website. Underneath these Administrators, we have Moderators. Moderators are in charge of making sure that everything on the front page of the network is running smoothly. In other words, Moderators are the glue to this network. Moderators are in charge of executing plans and orders set forth by the Admins and Head-Admin. Underneath the Moderators are the Helpers. Helpers are our first line of defense on NarcoWars. Helpers are equipped to assist you in any problem you have with the network and our the bloodline of this network. Helpers are the most important rank on the server because they help keep players around and ensure that everyone is having the best time they can have! Underneath the Helpers we have our Trainees. Our Trainees are trial staff that are learning how to be a staff member on NarcoWars. Trainees are at their designated rank for anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks then after their trial period, the Staff Coordination Admin hand selects which Trainees move onto Helper, and which go back to their player rank.

     Secondly, we also have a new applications system! Now, you may apply for a Trainee, Builder, or Developer position on the network. Our application process have 4 stages; Overview, Background, Interview, and Finalization. The Overview Stage is where the Staff Coordination Team looks over your intial application and decides to either move you on to the Background Stage or deny you for any reason they have. The Background Stage is where we take a deeper look into your player activity on the Network and the Minecraft Community. If anything seems out of place during this stage you may be denied. If you are all "clean" then you may move onto the Interviewing Stage. The interviewing Stage is where you are interviewed by your Staff Coordination Member. Your SCM will ask you various questions about NarcoWars and the Minecraft Community as well as information about yourself. If your SCM deems you worthy to move on, you are passed to the Finalization Stage. This is where all the magic happens. At the Finalization Stage, the Staff Coordination Admin personally looks at your application, all the notes and comments made by the Staff Coordination Team and decides whether to approve your application. If they do approve your application, they are in charge of assigning you a Mentor, and a trial period (the amount of time you're a trainee), as well as giving you the proper documentation to make you the most successful! PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY CONTACT WITH ANY MEMBER OF THE STAFF COORDINATION TEAM REGARDING YOUR APPLICATION DURING YOUR REVIEWING TIME WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DENIED!!

     Lastly, we have two new gamemodes coming out this summer! GunGames & Prison will be making their debuts sometime during the month of June so stay on the lookout!

     I hope all of you enjoy the server as much as I do, and I hope to see you all very soon!!


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